Sunday, July 6, 2014

Video my of my Fendi Chameleon (small) bag:

Video of my Louis Vuitton Petillante clutch:

Hi guys! Haven't updated my blog for two years. Been busy, really, really busy. But I made videos of my Louis Vuitton Lumineuse bag and Louis Vuitton Empreinte clutch last year and my Fendi Chameleon bag this year.

The video below is my Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM bag.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Review on My New Prada Vitello Shine Ankle Boots

So, guys it has been about a week now since I got my Prada boots. These are not my first Pradas, I have bought a pair of Prada high-heeled gladiator sandals and also a pair of Prada Oxford shoes. All Prada shoes that I have bought are comfortable and high quality.
I do like the look of Christian Louboutin shoes and when you flash those red soles, everyone know that you're wearing a 1000 Euro pair of shoes but I have tried them so many times in Apropos Cologne and every time they just hurt my feet so bad even though I actually have narrow feet. So, sadly, I stay away from them.
I have flirted with YSL Tribute heels and I have to say they look sexier and classier (especially the nude ones) than Louboutins but unfortunately I never get them in sale season because the ladies in Cologne get them first the minute Apropos put the 'sale' sign on their store.
So, for comfort I always go for Prada.
When I saw these shoes in August 2012 in Ylang Ylang Bonn, I was immediately smitten but 700 Euros was just too much for something that as soon as you wear they have scuffs and scratches due to walking. I would rather buy a handbag for that money! So I just left them there and hoped no one would buy them. As they say be careful with what you wish for because it might come true and thankfully for me, IT DID!!!!
In sale season January 2013 I got the shoes for only 276 Euros! I was so happy as soon as I got home I wore them all the time in all my activities, cooking, cleaning, s*xing, you name it! Lol! But you know what? Those stirrup straps were such a pain in the ass coz I had to unbuckle them to wear or to take off the shoes. I thought something had to be done about them.
Then I got an idea. I asked a cobbler to cut the strap on the back and saw them to the sides of the zippers so that they wouldn't get in the way when I put them on and off. You can see the result on picture no. 2.
Prada shoes are good quality and I'm glad that Miuccia Prada still think of comfort when she designs her shoes unlike Louboutin who once said: I do not make comfortable shoes and I do not make shoes for women with wide feet. I could only SMGDH.


My Review on Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Hi guys, this time I'm going to write about something different. This time I'm reviewing a cosmetics product.
As you guys might have known, especially those who live in Germany. They do not import Revlon anymore. Revlon Colorstay foundation used to be my holy grail foundation until they stop selling it here. I still got a couple of bottles from Ebay but when they changed the formula it's not my holy grail anymore. The consistency is so watery and after a few hours my face started to get oily again.
I do not understand why cosmetics companies love to change the formula of their products. I say if it's not broken DO NOT FIX IT! That's why I wanted to try Estee Lauder Double Wear. Ever since it came out, the ladies at Make-up Alley said it still has the same formula. I was actually skeptical about this foundation at first because Estee Lauder is the mother company of MAC as well. I love MAC lipglasses and powders but I hate their liquid foundations. They're just too heavy and won't stay put on my skin!
But anyway, I got one in 4N2 which is Spiced Sand and let me tell you, it's sooooo long lasting and it stays put all day! All I have to do is just apply the foundation on my face using my fingers and then apply some MAC blot powder to set it, and voila, come what may! In MAC I'm using NC42 which is a bit lighter than 4N2 but it still looks natural.
The coverage is medium to full. I covers all the blemishes on my face and it doesn't give me a mask-like face.
Since the packaging kinda sucks I bought MAC foundation pump, it fits the opening of Double Wear like a condom. I just have to trim it a few mm so that it's not too long. So, yeah, I would definitely recommend this product for those who want to look good the whole day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM in Aurore

Hi guys!!! It has been sometimes :-). I love love Louis Vuitton. Not only because they have good quality bags but also they stand behind their products not to mention an excellent customer service. So for my own Christmas present I got my self a Lumineuse PM in Aurore! The bag is very spacious and what I like about it is that they actually have three pockets inside! One with a zipper and two without. I love love LV's Empreinte leather. Here's the bag!